Princes on holiday? Not really.

Hey there everyone! Are you enjoying your holidays?
Instead of sunbathing on a remote island in the middle of the ocean, our team decided to enter a contest. Which one, you ask? Obviously the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest, the second edition of the one Little Briar Rose made his first appearance in!
As a result, we created a brand new game within the one month limit.
If you are interested, you can check our newcomer out by clicking here.

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Although being part of the contest was time consuming and the progress on Little Briar Rose slowed down a bit, we didn’t stop working on it at all and we are now at operating speed again.
We planned a new game mechanic during the last few days. For those who don’t feel like thinking too much about an enigma, there will be an optional Hint System.
It will make the game more accessible to everyone without ruining the games of real point and click pros.
Apart from that, we don’t want this feature to make the game too easy, so… have you ever played Machinarium?
We did…

Notes on the loose!

Dear Princes and Princesses,
This entry is all about our musicians!

Let’s start by saying that taking care of Little Briar Rose’s soundtrack hasn’t been easy at all. First of all, there is no musician in our team and as a result we had to explore the entire world wide web looking for royalty free music or affordable composers.
Even if the resources of the net are almost endless it is not always easy to find exactly what you are looking for, especially if you want your game to be unique.
We are therefore proud to announce that we did not botch the game by picking up what we could easily find lying around but we tried to create something new and unique instead.
We believe that this is what makes the difference between a patched up project and something important, especially for us.

As a result we opted for musicians who could create the main tracks which have to fully synergize with the atmosphere of the game. On the contrary, we chose royalty-free tracks for the secondary scenes.

Due to the colorful graphics and the fairytale setting we had to avoid childish music which, at the same time, didn’t have to be too deep or gloomy either.

That’s pretentious, isn’t it? XD

We were really looking forward to giving a chance to rising artists. Since we are part of the indie community we already knew some of them, but it hasn’t always been easy to convince them to work for us. Some of them, in fact, usually underestimate their skills and as a consequence they tend to fly under the radar.
We hope that the game will give us all a chance to fullfill our dreams!

Let’s stop blarneying. Here’s the list of the musicians who worked with us, featuring some of their tracks!

Faber Zeldafun:
He’s a young musician we worked with when making videogames was just a pleasant diversion. There wasn’t space for art in his life and as a consequence he had to abandon his musical dreams.
Although many years passed by, we decided to give him a chance to redeem himself, unsure of his reply. We made the right choice, since he wrote our main theme and, even if he felt a little rusty, he instantly recovered his skills as he managed to deliver us what we needed.
We also asked him to write the spriggan cooking minigame music as an extra. It is all part of a subtle plan that aims at making him the future composer of our upcoming games.
Will it work? …We’ll find out, I suppose!

Here you can find the tracks he wrote for us:

And here’s a link to Soundcloud

Francesco Percassi:
A shy musician who doesn’t even consider himself as one. We stole his tracks from his well hidden database and… we found a jewel!With all of his treasure in our hands we forced him to write not one but two tracks: the intro and the cursed castle where the Princess sleeps feature his music.Note: The story was overdramatised, no musicians were harmed in the making of this videogame!
Although underneath there is usually a kernel of truth…

Here’s the implicated soundtrack:

And here’s his soundcloud

Doxent Zsigmond:
We discovered him on Jamendo, offering his tracks under the Creative Commons licence. Most of the tracks from the first version of the game feature his music. The new version will still feature his work in the title screen.

Here you can find out how to contact him:


We hope you like them all!
Leave a comment here, on our Facebook page, or even on the artists’ profiles if you enjoyed their work!

See you soon!

What sound does a prince make?

Terrible pesky sounds are haunting the developers’ studio!

What might they be? Neighbours with an obsession for extreme sound vibrations? Disturbing creatures from a noisy beyond?
Not at all!
We are currently editing the sound effects and the audio mixing of Little Briar Rose with our friend Frash Pikass. We are surrounded by sounds to synthesize, enchanted jingles, mysteriously twisted samples, beaten up household items and microphones… and the occasional curse from the neighbours at the umpteenth repetition of those harmonic resonances which we are trying to filter with all our love and might to save you from some sound headaches!
Of course, we meanly blame the (innocent!) software to save our face. Here’s a screen of our scapegoat!


Anyway, as we approach the end of our project, we can’t wait to play the final version ourselves! Here’s a picture of our team at work, with its characteristic grace and seriousness!


Here you can hear some of the sounds we tailored for Little Briar Rose:



While here you can hear the sound of a development team working hard:



See you soon, Dear Princes, to the next update!

Approaching the End!

Welkome back, princes!
As our development journey for Little Briar Rose is getting closer to its end, we’re feeling both excited and worried.
Every day we are polishing more details, fighting against bugs and once in a while we are even thinking that something could be improved, as we hope that every new change will be appreciated.
You may say we suffer from a little stage fright right now, but we have been working really hard trying to add “something more” to the whole game experience. So far we had many new ideas, and we probably could have even more if we wanted. Who knows, maybe we might even add something new to the final version.

One aspect we really focused on was adding a key mini-game to every village.
If you tried the first version, you must surely have built houses from some curiously inaccurate blueprints.
Well, now every race has its own peculiar game matching the context! We hope this will make your experience even richer!

A couple o shot for your eyes!

screen minigame 1

screen minigame 2
Farewell prince, until next News!


Hello people!

This is the third chapter of our news dedicated to the interface. Sadly, this time we won’t talk about the interface at all. (Why have we chosen that title then?! Well, it seemed really fitting…)

We would like to show you the opening video of the game. For those who don’t remember the old version, it was just a set of scrolling pictures of stained glass windows which told the tale the game is set in.
Here you can see how it was.

The concept of using stained glass art wasn’t bad at all, however, the final effect appeared very simplistic and kinda empty back then. This time, however, we have really made the effort to create something artistically beautiful. This time making the pictures for the intro took us almost two weeks!
Now we would really like to give some special thanks to Unity3d and its fluidity, which has managed to make our programmer happy so far. We shall also proceed to leave you with the video of the new intro, which is worth more than a thousand words!

See you next time!

Interface Restyling – Part II: Item Menu

Hello, princes!
Here we are with the second part of this news. Today’s topic: the Item menu system!
We didn’t have much time to work on the game interface in the first version of the game and the item menu and message system were simple and functional.
Actually, way too simple.
Here’s a screenshot of what i’m talking about:

item system 01

Let’s draw a black bar, a couple of items and back to code the game to complete it before the contest deadline!
This was before. Now many things have changed.

In this restyle we added plenty of details and, last but not least, we’re taking care of the user interface to better suit the game style!
You can take a look the brand new menu in the following screenshot. A rose window containing a circular list of all the items.

item system 02

When you select one of them…

item system 03

…the prince will hold that item!


We hope you like these new features. Please give us your feedback and stay tuned for the next updates!

Interface Restyling – Part I: Dialogues

Welcome back, young Princes!
In today’s news we will talk about the recent improvements in the message system.

In the first version of the game we didn’t want to confuse our players with too much colour, so we had chosen to display text through a simple black bar, minimal and convenient.

screen message system 01
However, with the restyling we wanted something more in tune with our concept.
We thought to allow characters to speak through balloons coherent with the whole art style. After all, some would even say that glass walls were the ancestors of modern comics!
Other than the dialogue balloons, now we have introduced the thought balloons too. Well, yes, the Prince thinks and now he can let the world know!
It’s only a little addition, but it really gives us more space to characterize dialogues.
Every speaking character will also feature his own customized icon with the double purpose of decorating every scene and improving its reading.
Here you can see what the result looks like.

screen message system 02

screen message system 03
Let us know what you think about it!

Once upon a time, there were the Spriggans!

Hiya everyone!
The team is unrelentingly working as usual. We’re so busy with it we can’t even find any time to update the blog!
However, there is plenty to say, so let’s try to make up for these weeks of silence.
In the latest news post we had featured the making of the map with newts. Well, that’s now ancient history, because that scene is now complete and furnished with all of its inhabitants!
A new chapter of this little forest has been open for days now.

The flourishing age of the Spriggans has finally come!

Here we can see them in a picture of their typical daily activity.
Which is banqueting.

once upon a time

The news aren’t over yet, though. From the moment the spriggans’ graphics were ready, part of the team has started working on a stage set in the castle, as we had promised in the first news posts.
Saving the princess won’t be that easy any more! What were you thinking? Did you really expect that getting rid of some brambles was some kind of especially heroic act?
My dear princes, you’ll need more than that now! And we sincerely hope you will enjoy the challenge!

This is a preview of the castle square, directly from the sketch of our dear graphic designer.

There would be something more to show, but you know, where’s our share of fun in showing you everything at once? ;)

So, this is it for today! Write you soon!

Speed painting ’till the end!

Hello guys!

‘Till now we showed you just some screens of the restyled maps, but what about showing you how we create one of them?

Here’s a speed painting video of the Mermans’ Lake!

P.S. This is the real drawing speed of our artist.

P.P.S. Of course not, just joking. ;D

Back to life, with chilli and hype!

Hi there!

We have been away for a bit, scattered around the world. Erm, yeah, literally! Our coder has been studying in Japan for three long months! We have worked by ourselves till ProGM finally rejoined the western side of the world. We are now putting things together and we can finally show you something!

No, no spoilers! Only a little gift to share with you.

As you know, we are improving not only the gameplay, but also the graphics. Well… while we were working we stepped back, looking at our previous work. We want to show you a few differences… with a little bit of pride, we admit it!

Here’s the old one:



…and here’s the new one!



See ya till the next update