Notes on the loose!

Dear Princes and Princesses,
This entry is all about our musicians!

Let’s start by saying that taking care of Little Briar Rose’s soundtrack hasn’t been easy at all. First of all, there is no musician in our team and as a result we had to explore the entire world wide web looking for royalty free music or affordable composers.
Even if the resources of the net are almost endless it is not always easy to find exactly what you are looking for, especially if you want your game to be unique.
We are therefore proud to announce that we did not botch the game by picking up what we could easily find lying around but we tried to create something new and unique instead.
We believe that this is what makes the difference between a patched up project and something important, especially for us.

As a result we opted for musicians who could create the main tracks which have to fully synergize with the atmosphere of the game. On the contrary, we chose royalty-free tracks for the secondary scenes.

Due to the colorful graphics and the fairytale setting we had to avoid childish music which, at the same time, didn’t have to be too deep or gloomy either.

That’s pretentious, isn’t it? XD

We were really looking forward to giving a chance to rising artists. Since we are part of the indie community we already knew some of them, but it hasn’t always been easy to convince them to work for us. Some of them, in fact, usually underestimate their skills and as a consequence they tend to fly under the radar.
We hope that the game will give us all a chance to fullfill our dreams!

Let’s stop blarneying. Here’s the list of the musicians who worked with us, featuring some of their tracks!

Faber Zeldafun:
He’s a young musician we worked with when making videogames was just a pleasant diversion. There wasn’t space for art in his life and as a consequence he had to abandon his musical dreams.
Although many years passed by, we decided to give him a chance to redeem himself, unsure of his reply. We made the right choice, since he wrote our main theme and, even if he felt a little rusty, he instantly recovered his skills as he managed to deliver us what we needed.
We also asked him to write the spriggan cooking minigame music as an extra. It is all part of a subtle plan that aims at making him the future composer of our upcoming games.
Will it work? …We’ll find out, I suppose!

Here you can find the tracks he wrote for us:

And here’s a link to¬†Soundcloud

Francesco Percassi:
A shy musician who doesn’t even consider himself as one. We stole his tracks from his well hidden database and… we found a jewel!With all of his treasure in our hands we forced him to write not one but two tracks: the intro and the cursed castle where the Princess sleeps feature his music.Note: The story was overdramatised, no musicians were harmed in the making of this videogame!
Although underneath there is usually a kernel of truth…

Here’s the implicated soundtrack:

And here’s his soundcloud

Doxent Zsigmond:
We discovered him on Jamendo, offering his tracks under the Creative Commons licence. Most of the tracks from the first version of the game feature his music. The new version will still feature his work in the title screen.

Here you can find out how to contact him:


We hope you like them all!
Leave a comment here, on our Facebook page, or even on the artists’ profiles if you enjoyed their work!

See you soon!