What sound does a prince make?

Terrible pesky sounds are haunting the developers’ studio!

What might they be? Neighbours with an obsession for extreme sound vibrations? Disturbing creatures from a noisy beyond?
Not at all!
We are currently editing the sound effects and the audio mixing of Little Briar Rose with our friend Frash Pikass. We are surrounded by sounds to synthesize, enchanted jingles, mysteriously twisted samples, beaten up household items and microphones… and the occasional curse from the neighbours at the umpteenth repetition of those harmonic resonances which we are trying to filter with all our love and might to save you from some sound headaches!
Of course, we meanly blame the (innocent!) software to save our face. Here’s a screen of our scapegoat!


Anyway, as we approach the end of our project, we can’t wait to play the final version ourselves! Here’s a picture of our team at work, with its characteristic grace and seriousness!


Here you can hear some of the sounds we tailored for Little Briar Rose:



While here you can hear the sound of a development team working hard:



See you soon, Dear Princes, to the next update!