Approaching the End!

Welkome back, princes!
As our development journey for Little Briar Rose is getting closer to its end, we’re feeling both excited and worried.
Every day we are polishing more details, fighting against bugs and once in a while we are even thinking that something could be improved, as we hope that every new change will be appreciated.
You may say we suffer from a little stage fright right now, but we have been working really hard trying to add “something more” to the whole game experience. So far we had many new ideas, and we probably could have even more if we wanted. Who knows, maybe we might even add something new to the final version.

One aspect we really focused on was adding a key mini-game to every village.
If you tried the first version, you must surely have built houses from some curiously inaccurate blueprints.
Well, now every race has its own peculiar game matching the context! We hope this will make your experience even richer!

A couple o shot for your eyes!

screen minigame 1

screen minigame 2
Farewell prince, until next News!