Hello people!

This is the third chapter of our news dedicated to the interface. Sadly, this time we won’t talk about the interface at all. (Why have we chosen that title then?! Well, it seemed really fitting…)

We would like to show you the opening video of the game. For those who don’t remember the old version, it was just a set of scrolling pictures of stained glass windows which told the tale the game is set in.
Here you can see how it was.

The concept of using stained glass art wasn’t bad at all, however, the final effect appeared very simplistic and kinda empty back then. This time, however, we have really made the effort to create something artistically beautiful. This time making the pictures for the intro took us almost two weeks!
Now we would really like to give some special thanks to Unity3d and its fluidity, which has managed to make our programmer happy so far. We shall also proceed to leave you with the video of the new intro, which is worth more than a thousand words!

See you next time!