Interface Restyling – Part II: Item Menu

Hello, princes!
Here we are with the second part of this news. Today’s topic: the Item menu system!
We didn’t have much time to work on the game interface in the first version of the game and the item menu and message system were simple and functional.
Actually, way too simple.
Here’s a screenshot of what i’m talking about:

item system 01

Let’s draw a black bar, a couple of items and back to code the game to complete it before the contest deadline!
This was before. Now many things have changed.

In this restyle we added plenty of details and, last but not least, we’re taking care of the user interface to better suit the game style!
You can take a look the brand new menu in the following screenshot. A rose window containing a circular list of all the items.

item system 02

When you select one of them…

item system 03

…the prince will hold that item!


We hope you like these new features. Please give us your feedback and stay tuned for the next updates!