Interface Restyling – Part I: Dialogues

Welcome back, young Princes!
In today’s news we will talk about the recent improvements in the message system.

In the first version of the game we didn’t want to confuse our players with too much colour, so we had chosen to display text through a simple black bar, minimal and convenient.

screen message system 01
However, with the restyling we wanted something more in tune with our concept.
We thought to allow characters to speak through balloons coherent with the whole art style. After all, some would even say that glass walls were the ancestors of modern comics!
Other than the dialogue balloons, now we have introduced the thought balloons too. Well, yes, the Prince thinks and now he can let the world know!
It’s only a little addition, but it really gives us more space to characterize dialogues.
Every speaking character will also feature his own customized icon with the double purpose of decorating every scene and improving its reading.
Here you can see what the result looks like.

screen message system 02

screen message system 03
Let us know what you think about it!