Once upon a time, there were the Spriggans!

Hiya everyone!
The team is unrelentingly working as usual. We’re so busy with it we can’t even find any time to update the blog!
However, there is plenty to say, so let’s try to make up for these weeks of silence.
In the latest news post we had featured the making of the map with newts. Well, that’s now ancient history, because that scene is now complete and furnished with all of its inhabitants!
A new chapter of this little forest has been open for days now.

The flourishing age of the Spriggans has finally come!

Here we can see them in a picture of their typical daily activity.
Which is banqueting.

once upon a time

The news aren’t over yet, though. From the moment the spriggans’ graphics were ready, part of the team has started working on a stage set in the castle, as we had promised in the first news posts.
Saving the princess won’t be that easy any more! What were you thinking? Did you really expect that getting rid of some brambles was some kind of especially heroic act?
My dear princes, you’ll need more than that now! And we sincerely hope you will enjoy the challenge!

This is a preview of the castle square, directly from the sketch of our dear graphic designer.

There would be something more to show, but you know, where’s our share of fun in showing you everything at once? ;)

So, this is it for today! Write you soon!