The first thing is that the Indie Game Contest winners announcement has been moved to late august, so it will take a while before we can satisfy our curiosity.
In the meanwhile, we are still working. It is time to announce that we will develop Little Briar Rose using Unity Engine. This can provide many advantages: the chance to use higher graphics quality and to create multi-platform games most of all.
Don’t worry! Nothing will be wasted! We created a tool to extract RPG Maker events and dialogues into XML format, in order to use them on Unity.

As a side note… our artist (finally) decided to upgrade his tools!
Yes, we know it, indie developers just need some creativity and makeshift means to create a game! But our makeshift means are crumbling, so… meh!

Here’s a before-and-after comparison between our old faithful friend (HP tablet pc TC1100) and our brand new rookie (Wacom cintiq 13hd)!


UpgradeA 01 UpgradeA 02

We know, a good tool doesn’t vouch for a good game, but a broken one could be a problem, though!
Anyway this solved the problem.

See you next time!