Dev blog inauguration!

There we go. Our devblog is online after only a few weeks of delay! For those who don’t know us or who have found us by chance, this is the game’s presentation page from which you will be able to download it for FREE!

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Our Team according to our Artist’s personal point of view

And to those who wonder: why are you going to start a devblog for an already finished game? Well, that’s easy! We are going to do that because we think that the game is everything but complete. The contest we are partecipating in isn’t over yet and we are rather eager to know its results. Nevertheless, there are many improvements we want to add to our little creation. We are talking about ideas born both during the game’s creation – discarded due to time restraints – and after its post-release comments and reviews.

So, here’s a list of our plans for the future! We are not in the condition to go through the details… and we love the idea of you being on the fence ;)

  • High resolution restyle. Those stained glass windows can’t wait to flee from that small RPG Maker’s 640×480 prison!
  • Addition of new areas
  • Game ending’s revamp. Those who played it know how much this is needed! ;)
  • More interactions, more animations, more… everything!
  • Revamp (and corrections) of some of the in-game dialogues

This is all for now. Stay tuned for the next updates (which, we believe, will be frequent), since they will bring more news!

We salute thee, sirree princes.